The method

Developing better athletes through science, turnkey technology and customized training programs

The SciencePerfo method in your school

01. Coach support

Our SciencePerfo training program bridges the gap between the science behind SpeedTrackerTM and field application. SciencePerfo’s experts are available to implement best practices in your organization.

02. Performance profiling of all student-athletes

The turnkey technology of SpeedTrackerTM* enables all athletes in a sports-study program to be evaluated efficiently in a single session, providing them with a precise analysis of their performance: efficiency of the push and recovery phases, speed curve, asymmetries, etc.

*In order to offer schools maximum flexibility, depending on their needs and resources, the SpeedTrackerTM is available for purchase, rental or via a complete support package from the SciencePerfo team.

03. Customized training programs

Based on the results obtained, a customized training program is automatically generated for each athlete, according to profile, asymmetry index, training experience and time of season.

04. Injury assessment, adjustment and prevention

SpeedTrackerTM allows you to track athletes’ progress throughout the year, adjust programs according to their progress, and implement injury prevention strategies.

A personalized, human approach designed by passionate people

SciencePerfo was founded by Simon Laurendeau, Léandre Gagné-Lemieux and Maxime Provencher, three sports enthusiasts with in-depth skills and top-level training in biomechanics and the physical preparation of elite athletes.

Our aim is to provide you with turnkey solutions, as well as personalized support. Beyond our innovative technologies, we believe in a human approach, where we become partners in your team.

President / Kinesiologist, sports biomechanist

Simon Laurendeau

Lecturer, Department of Health Sciences, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Research professional in biomechanics (CIRRIS, Université Laval)

Sports physiotherapist

Maxime Provencher

Lecturer, Department of Rehabilitation, Université Laval

Head physiotherapist for the Rimouski Oceanic (2014-2018)

Former QMJHL player (2006-2009)

Field hockey Canada and Hockey Québec trainer

Kinesiologist, sports biomechanist

Léandre Gagné Lemieux

Lecturer, Department of Kinesiology, Université Laval

Physical trainer for international and Olympic athletes

Member of the Rio Olympics athlete support team

Biomechanics trainer and consultant for Hockey Québec


What our customers say about SciencePerfo

"The Speed Tracker's ease of use and extensive analysis capabilities make it an invaluable asset that I can no longer do without when assessing performance, whether on skates or on the run. We use it to detect weaknesses or asymmetries that are not perceptible to the naked eye, develop adapted training programs and get an objective look at movement before returning to play."

Maxime Aubertin, Kinesiologist and physical trainer Cégep de Beauce-Appalaches

"By combining science with our training, we've been able to achieve levels of performance we never thought possible. This gives us an undeniable competitive edge. The SpeedTracker has become an essential partner in our quest for excellence".

Adrien Lemay, Director, Académie Sports-Arts-Études de l'Atlantique

Why SciencePerfo?


We bring scientific knowledge and expertise in sports performance and injury prevention to your organization, ensuring that our solutions are based on the latest research and best practices.


Our commitment to innovation drives us to develop cutting-edge technologies, such as our SpeedTrackerTM and its intuitive analysis software, that revolutionize the way coaches and athletes approach training.


We empower coaches by providing them with the tools, knowledge and support they need to optimize athlete development and prevent injury. We are convinced that informed coaches can unleash the full potential of their athletes.


Our ultimate goal is to deliver measurable results. We want to see athletes flourish, coaches succeed and sports organizations excel. By harnessing the power of science and technology, we enable our customers to achieve their performance objectives.


Ease of use

Setting up SpeedTrackerTM is child’s play. Simply attach the sensor to a tripod, create your session and press the ‘Start’ button to record test data. Our user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your athletes.

Highly accurate data collection

With surgical precision, the SpeedTrackerTM analyzes your athletes’ strengths and weaknesses during sprints. Our advanced technology provides precise, reliable data to optimize performance and prevent injury.

Information unique to each athlete

Say goodbye to generic training programs. SpeedTrackerTM allows coaches to obtain personalized information for each athlete. Tailor your training plans according to areas for improvement and individual strengths.

Unrivalled data analysis tools

SpeedTrackerTM allows you to track athletes’ progress throughout the year, adjust programs according to their progress, and implement injury prevention strategies.

Rapid group tests

Testing multiple athletes has never been easier. Our intuitive software enables efficient group testing, saving you time and effort. Testing a team of 15 athletes takes just 20 minutes!

Comprehensive features

The SpeedTrackerTM features a built-in computer, data-synchronized camera, intuitive visual display of time and speed data, and a range of additional functions. Everything you need to analyze and optimize athlete performance is at your fingertips

Speed tracker science perfo

Find out more about SPEEDTRACKERTM

Step 1: Data collection

Traditional approach

You probably use technologies such as stopwatches or photocells to measure your athletes’ acceleration. However, these devices can only calculate the total time between point A and point B, not the efficiency of each stride. Proper analysis of your athletes’ performance is therefore limited, as acceleration depends on both the speed gained and the speed lost between each stride.

With SpeedTrackerTM

Record the continuous position and speed of all your athletes with SpeedTrackerTM in just 20 to 30 minutes. The software supplied with the sensor then takes care of the rest of the analysis, generating a detailed curve for the analysis of the athlete’s instantaneous speed, as well as an unrivalled quantity of complementary performance measurements.

Step 2: Data analysis

Traditional approach

Analyzing a video of each athlete’s acceleration performance is likely to take hours, and the conclusions drawn from these analyses are incomplete without access to objective, accurate data.

With SpeedTrackerTM

SpeedTrackerTM provides precise data on athletes’ speed curves, enabling coaches to detect the efficiency of each push, the speed generated and lost, asymmetry between the legs, and the ability to maintain maximum speed.

For field hockey, a comparative database provides immediate feedback, sorted by age group. This approach offers coaches a clear view of performance weaknesses, with the ability to visualize and compare their team’s results against a vast database of athletes of the same age and level.

Step 3: Performance optimization plan

Traditional approach

Many development structures collect abundant data on their athletes, but struggle to simplify processing and the creation of personalized training plans. What’s more, despite the large amount of data collected, a comprehensive and scientific analysis is often lacking, hindering the real development of athletes following these tests.

With SpeedTrackerTM

Automate the creation of detailed performance reports and individualized training programs with SpeedTrackerTM data, compared in our vast database. The software automatically generates a personalized runner/skater profile, enabling training programs to be tailored to each athlete.

Visualize an athlete’s speed curve in sync with the video of his or her performance to help identify any necessary corrections.

Your best choice

Conducting fast, efficient team assessments and generating results automatically may seem intriguing at first. There are several systems on the market for analyzing acceleration, but none is as complete and automated as the turnkey solution from SciencePerfo and its SpeedTrackerTM!

To offer maximum flexibility to schools, the SpeedTrackerTM is available for purchase, rental or via a complete support package from the SciencePerfo team.

We offer all sport-study programs and integrated structures the opportunity to make a shift towards science by acquiring SciencePerfo’s turnkey solution, which will enable them to train their coaches, quantify their athletes’ performance, establish their profile and optimize their development by individualizing their training programs according to each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses.

The system is relevant to all sports with linear acceleration: soccer, field hockey, soccer, basketball, athletics, rugby and more!

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