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SpeedTracker as a screening test!

Assess your athletes with the SpeedTracker at any time to quantify their skating or running technique so you can take the necessary action to optimize their performance.

Mr. Hip

18 years old – QMJHL – Pre-season evaluation results

Hip pain for 3 years. No restrictions, but significant inconvenience
Pre-season evaluation results:

The curve produced by the SpeedTracker suggests significant asymmetry at the start.

SciencePerfo takes care of the athlete following the test:

Specific warm-up and strength-building exercises.

Mr. Hip

18 years old – QMJHL – 1 month later

We re-test the athlete 1 month later following the SciencePerfo treatment.
Follow-up test results:
  • Significant reduction in initial asymmetry
  • Improving athlete performance
  • Disappearance of pain after 1 month!