About us

SciencePerfo : a Quebec company that puts science, research and technology at the service of sport

Founded in 2015, SciencePerfo democratizes access to scientific knowledge for sports stakeholders, notably through its training program, and develops cutting-edge technologies helping to integrate science into the development of athletes of all levels in order to revolutionize training methods and athlete development.

Our history

Sports enthusiasts united by a single vision: to revolutionize training methods through science and the sharing of knowledge.

SciencePerfo was founded in Quebec City in 2015 by Simon Laurendeau, Léandre Gagné-Lemieux and Maxime Provencher, three sports enthusiasts with in-depth skills and top-level training in biomechanics and physical preparation of elite athletes.

Since then, using a unique sensor and technology, the experts at SciencePerfo have tested and analyzed the skating strides of over 3,000 skaters, including dozens of hockey players from the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) and the National Hockey League (NHL), as well as athletes from the Canadian speed skating team. In doing so, SciencePerfo has developed an analysis (analytic) method that can precisely dissect an athlete’s skating profile and propose a tailor-made training program based on his or her strengths and weaknesses.

Over the years, SciencePerfo has refined its research and adapted its technology to extend its offering to all sports where athletes have to perform sprints: athletics, soccer, soccer, basketball, rugby and more.

In 2022, SciencePerfo launched the SpeedTracker, a turnkey technology which, by combining its speed sensor and data processing software, automatically generates performance analysis and a runner/skater profile for each athlete, in order to offer them tailor-made training programs.

Our team

Experts combining skills, experience in top-level training in sports biomechanics and physical preparation

Our multiple skills give us all the tools we need to evaluate an athlete, teach him or her the principles behind our corrective measures, and provide training plans to help him or her progress.

President / Kinesiologist, sports biomechanist

Simon Laurendeau

Lecturer, Department of Health Sciences, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi

Research professional in biomechanics (CIRRIS, Université Laval)

Sports physiotherapist

Maxime Provencher

Lecturer, Department of Rehabilitation, Université Laval

Head physiotherapist for the Rimouski Oceanic (2014-2018)

Former QMJHL player (2006-2009)

Field hockey Canada and Hockey Québec trainer

Kinesiologist, sports biomechanist

Léandre Gagné Lemieux

Lecturer, Department of Kinesiology, Université Laval

Physical trainer for international and Olympic athletes

Member of the Rio Olympics athlete support team

Biomechanics trainer and consultant for Hockey Québec

The SciencePerfo method

A proven scientific approach

As part of a research project conducted at Université Laval, we were able to compare the development of players in two sport-study field hockey programs: one group using the SciencePerfo method, the other training using a traditional method. After one year, the study showed significantly greater improvements for players who had followed tailor-made programs provided by SciencePerfo.