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SpeedTracker: The importance of a pre-season evaluation!

Evaluating your athletes with the SpeedTracker before the start of a season is essential to establish an optimal return-to-play strategy in the event of injury during the season.

Mr. Ankle

15 years old – Midget AAA – Pre-season evaluation results

Pre-season evaluation results:
  • The curve produced by the SpeedTracker suggests a slight asymmetry, implying that the right-hand thrust is less effective.
A few weeks later, the same player injured his right ankle.

Mr. Ankle

16 years old – Midget AAA – Results of 6-week post-injury evaluation

Return to play after right ankle sprain, without limitation following physiotherapy assessments

The player comes back to us for another assessment.
Follow-up test results:

The asymmetry is worse than before. The right-side thrust is less effective than it was 6 weeks ago.

Questions arise:
  • Could this injury have been prevented with specific exercises following the pre-season assessment, which suggested right-side asymmetry? Yes
  • Is the athlete’s performance back to 100% after the injury? No
  • Would it have been possible to continue the procedures despite the green light from the physiotherapists? Yes
  • Is the athlete at risk of re-injury because the asymmetry is still present? Yes