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SpeedTracker: Injury prevention

Evaluating your athletes with the SpeedTracker before the start of the season is essential to determine the best return-to-play strategy in the event of an injury during the season.

Mr. Right

15 years old – Midget AAA : Pre-season evaluation results

Pre-season evaluation results:
  • The curve generated by the SpeedTracker shows a significant asymmetry, indicating that the right side thrust is less effective.
  • There is also a significant asymmetry in the amplitude of the strokes.
  • A few weeks later, the same player injures his right hip flexor 3 weeks after the pre-season evaluation.
SciencePerfo takes care of the athlete after the test:

Specific warm-up and strength-building exercises.

Mr. Right

15 years – Midget AAA: Results after treatment by SciencePerfo

We retest the athlete 3 months after the SciencePerfo treatment.
Follow-up test results:
  • Elimination of pain
  • Optimal symmetry
  • Improvement of skating technique
  • Improvement of the athlete’s speed