Integrate science into your methods.
Adopt the SciencePerfo approach.

Through our training program, we are democratizing access to scientific knowledge for sports professionals. Several of our training modules deal exclusively with discoveries made possible by SpeedTracker.

Hockey level 1 certification

SciencePerfo reveals its secrets after more than 3 000 players were evaluated with the SpeedTracker

For physical trainers, skill trainers, therapists, technical trainers and others.

  • Myth and reality
  • Acceleration in hockey
  • Teaching the perfect skating technique
  • Determining the profile of each player on your team
  • Individualized training based on assessment (weight training, sprinting and ice exercises)

The SciencePerfo method

A proven Scientific approach

As part of a research project conducted at Laval University, we were able to compare the development of players in two sport-study hockey programs: one group using the SciencePerfo method, the other using methods of training. After one year, the study showed significantly greater improvements for players who had followed tailor-made programs provided by SciencePerfo