Software for sports performance profiling

Performance profiling is a concept designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of an athlete so as to customize a training program. A method that optimises the development of athletes and is a solution to the stagnation of athletic performance among professionals.

Acquisition software

Included with SpeedTracker pre-order purchase

The data acquisition software is directly integrated into the SpeedTracker via an on-board computer. Launching the software is very simple. It starts up as soon as the SpeedTracker is connected to a display and the power supply is connected. The software allows you to :

  • Create a new session ;
  • View previous data collection ;
  • Export the session’s data to the analysis software.

Acquisition software

An intuitive, user-friendly interface

Enables rapid, personalized feedback

The acquisition software enables coaches to provide fast, personalized feedback to athletes. An athlete’s speed curve can be viewed synchronously with the video of his or her performance, making it easier to identify any corrective action required. Data can also be exported for further analysis using the analysis software included with the SpeedTracker.

Test mode available

The software features a “Testing” mode, which allows you to run tests in rapid succession, making it possible to evaluate 4 to 5 athletes every minute. This allows you to quickly assess a group of athletes and carry on with practice.

Create test sessions

Create a customized test session (test distance, names, years of birth, weights and heights of athletes evaluated). The last completed test session will always be saved in memory, so that you can view the data or modify the session parameters.

Rapidly generated force-velocity profile

The software generates an athlete’s force-velocity profile immediately after the sprint. The athlete can then train accordingly, based on his or her strengths and weaknesses. A customized training program can also be developed.

The software allows you to open one or more sessions that have already been exported to a USB drive by the SpeedTracker. The various functions included make this software a unique educational tool that allows users to :

  • View data from one or more SpeedTracker sessions;
  • Give precise feedback to athletes;
  • Adjust athletes’ reaction times as required;
  • Develop a skater profile for a field hockey player; (not ice hockey?)
  • Establish the force-velocity profile for athletes from different sports where running faster than others is an advantage;
  • Export a new session file with selected trials only;
  • Export session data to a .csv file for selected trials.

Analysis software

Functions dedicated to athletes, but also to research!

An unprecedented amount of data

Data visualization on the software allows you to detect the efficiency of each thrust phase, the speed generated and lost, asymmetries between the legs, the efficiency of starts, the ability to maintain speed, and so on.

Enables the creation of multiple databases

The software lets you combine sessions to create different databases. For example, a sport-study could store a database for each sport/age group. These databases can also be exported as .csv files.

Many tools included

A number of tools are included in the software that allow better feedback to the athletes: drawing tool, angle calculator, voice/screen recorder, video zoom, test comparator.

Automatically generated athlete profile

The software automatically generates the profile of the skater or sprinter (force-velocity profile), which allows them to train according to their respective strengths and weaknesses.

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Turnkey technology for precise analysis of sports performance

The SpeedTracker’s sensor enables precise analysis of performance over a 30-meter sprint and, thanks to its data processing software, automatically generates a runner/skater profile for each athlete, to provide them with tailor-made training programs.

The SciencePerfo method

A proven scientific approach

As part of a research project conducted at Université Laval, we were able to compare the development of players in two sport-study field hockey programs: one group using the SciencePerfo method, the other training using a traditional method. After one year, the study showed significantly greater improvements for players who had followed tailor-made programs provided by SciencePerfo.