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Study on the effectiveness of a personalized training program based on the SciencePerfo profile

Speedtracker allows you to create a SciencePerfo profile for each field hockey player based on two comparative criteria:

  1. Efficiency, represented on the vertical axis;
  2. Acceleration, along the horizontal axis.

SciencePerfo has developed personalized training programs based on the athlete’s profile. The fundamental principle behind these training programs is that training athletes according to their strengths and weaknesses will improve performance and reduce injuries.


2 similar groups of 13- to 16-year-old competitive field hockey players from high school sports-studies participated in the project.

SciencePerfo group: 26 athletes trained with an individualized program based on their SciencePerfo profile for a period of 6 weeks.

Control group: 31 athletes trained with a generalized training program, as is common practice in sports-studies.



After 6 weeks :

  • More players have improved in the SciencePerfo group
  • Significant improvement in SciencePerfo group’s time to 30 meters
  • Significant improvements in maximum speed at 30 meters from the SciencePerfo group