A sensor that quantifies performance using precise scientific data

SciencePerfo’s SpeedTracker sensor quantifies sprint performance in various sports. For example, data processing enables the calculation of several parameters related to the efficiency of the push and glide phases of as a hockey player’s stride, as well as the reconstruction of the athlete’s speed curve.

Logo speed tracker
Logo speed tracker

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Offers organizations in various sports the opportunity to turn to science by equipping themselves with a sensor that will enable them to quantify their athletes’ performances, profile them, and optimize their development by individualizing a training program based on each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses.

Enables performance profiling in all sports where athletes must perform sprints: soccer, field hockey, basketball, track & field, rugby, and more!

Includes :
Tripod, protective case, mini-screen, wireless keyboard/mouse, reflective tape kit, USB key

Logo Speed tracker

An indispensable development tool for sports organizations

The SciencePerfo approach transforms training methods by focusing on performance profiling, which aims to identify an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses in order to develop a tailor-made program.

USB port
Power supply
HDMI port
HD Camera


Unique technology
on the market

Continuously captures athlete's position and speed

Unlike other available technologies – which simply calculate the time taken to cover the distance from point A to point B – the SpeedTracker continuously captures the athlete’s position and speed, generating an unrivalled amount of scientific performance data.

An unprecedented amount of data generated

Its data processing software can detect the efficiency of each thrust phase, the speed generated and lost, asymmetries between the legs, the efficiency of starts, the ability to maintain speed, and so on.

Automatically generated athlete profile

SpeedTracker automatically generates a profile of the athlete, who can then train accordingly, based on his or her strengths and weaknesses.

Rich database

SciencePerfo’s extensive database makes it possible to compare athletes by age group. The technology can also be used for screening purposes by elite and professional teams.

Our software

Intuitive, user-friendly interface

Thanks to the SpeedTracker software’s intuitive, user-friendly interface, coaches can offer fast, personalized feedback to athletes. An athlete’s speed curve can be viewed in sync with the video of his or her performance, making it easier to identify any corrections that need to be made. Data can also be exported for further analysis.


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The SciencePerfo method

A proven scientific approach

As part of a research project conducted at Université Laval, we were able to compare the development of players in two sport-study field hockey programs: one group using the SciencePerfo method, the other training using a traditional method. After one year, the study showed significantly greater improvements for players who had followed tailor-made programs provided by SciencePerfo.