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How to reduce the risk of groin injury

How to reduce the risk of groin injury

Sports physiotherapist

As discussed in a previous article, hip adductor/abductor strength ratio is an important predictor of groin injuries. In fact, one study claims that NHL players with an ADD-ABD ratio of less than 80% are 17 times more likely to suffer an adductor strain.

Following the identification of this important risk factor, the same researchers analyzed the impact that a specific adductor strengthening training program could have in players with a problematic strength ratio, i.e. below 80%. Participants in this study took part in a training program that involved following an exercise program three times a week for six weeks. The program consisted of a variety of strengthening exercises. These included concentric and eccentric muscle contractions, as well as functional exercises.
The incidence rate of adductor strains in players who initially had an ADD-ABD ratio of less than 80% fell from 3.2 to 0.71 injuries per 1000 games.

Although the risk cannot be completely eliminated, the exercise program has helped significantly reduce the risk of groin injury. In fact, the specific training program reduced the incidence of adductor strains by almost 80% in this at-risk population.

As a player, you could benefit greatly from a specific assessment to identify your shortcomings and risk factors, so that you can act effectively before an unfortunate event occurs. Prevention is better than cure” has never been truer.

Written by

Maxime Provencher

Sports physiotherapist at
Peps Clinic at Université Laval

Tyler TF, Nicholas SJ, Campbell RJ, Donellan S, McHugh MP. The effectiveness of a preseason exercise program to prevent adductor muscle strains in professional ice hockey players. Am J Sports Med. 2002 Sep-Oct;30(5):680-3.

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