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Groin injuries in field hockey players

A groin injury in a field hockey player?

Sports physiotherapist

In his physical preparation, the field hockey player must take into account the specificities of the sport to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury. A relatively common and well-known injury in the industry is the groin injury. So it’s important to know that researchers have developed effective methods to prevent this type of injury.

Studies of NHL players have identified an important factor that can help prevent groin pain. In the skating phase, the abductor and adductor muscles of the hip are brought into action, enabling a player to push off and then bring his leg back under his body. As a result, the strength ratio between the adductor and abductor muscles is a determinant that could be intimately linked to the incidence of groin injuries.

Researchers had the idea of comparing the ratio of ADDucer/ABDucer muscle strength in pre-season. Next, they analyzed the data from players with groin injuries during the season along with healthy players. Average preseason ADDucor muscle strength was 18% lower than the average for healthy players. The ADDucor/ABDucor muscle strength ratio was significantly different between the 2 groups. Among healthy players, the average ratio was 95%. Among the injured, the average ratio was 78%. In addition, injured players had an average healthy groin ratio of 86%, while the injured groin ratio was 70%.

Thus, the ratio of ADDucor/ABDucor muscle strength is an excellent predictor of groin injury. All in all, players with a ratio of less than 80% are 17 times more likely to suffer a groin injury.

You can now reduce the risk of this injury by normalizing the strength ratio between your adductors and hip abductors. You need to consult a professional who will be able to accurately assess your strength and advise you on exercises that can help reduce the risk.

Written by Maxime Provencher, M. Physiotherapy

References :
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