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Hockey and Yoga, a good combination?

Hockey and Yoga, should we combine them? MAXIMESport PhysiotherapistThe practice of yoga has been gaining popularity in North America since the beginning of the century. In 2005, there were more than 1.4 million people who practiced yoga in Canada alone. It was an...

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The arm movement is often poorly taught

The arm movement while skating is often poorly taughtMAXIME Sport physiotherapist Moving at a fast pace on a slippery surface in boots that rely on blades of about 3.2mm wide is a daunting task. Skating is certainly a difficult task to master and it sometimes seems...

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Making a save is a matter of observation

Making a save is a matter of observation LÉANDRE Sport biomechanist It is known that the speed response of goalies is not just a matter of reflex, but is also a conscious information processing (reaction time). However, what do goalies really respond to? How do they...

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Strength training for teenagers: is it really dangerous ?

Strength training for teenagers: Is it really dangerous ? LÉANDRE Sport biomechanist Strength training is often not recommended for teenagers who have yet reached puberty. The main reasons for this are the possible problems that can occur on the normal development and...

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Lower limb power and vertical jump

Lower limb power and vertical jump LÉANDRE Sport biomechanist The vertical jump is, for a very long time, the ultimate physical test to determine the muscular power of hockey players. Does the ability of an individual to jump high mean they have good musclar power?...

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What if the hip was guilty ?

What if the hip was guilty ? MAXIME Sport physiotherapist In previous articles, we discussed some risk factors for groin injuries and ways to prevent them. Beyond prevention, if there’s still pain in this region, it is not always easy to return to play. Although this...

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Why is it easier to turn left ?

Why is it easier to turn left ?MAXIMESport physiotherapistIn hockey, various skating techniques are used to beat an opponent. The technique of rapidly changing direction while maintaining a good speed is the tight turn. On one hand, some players have a preference and...

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Face start and hip position

Le départ avant et la position de la hanche MAXIMESport physiotherapistFor hockey players, the groin and hip region is more likely to become injured due to over usuage. During the various ice skating movements, a lot of force is deployed in the hip. This is also the...

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Hockey player’s groin injury

Hockey player's groin injury MAXIME Sport physiotherapist When preparing for physical activity, hockey players must perform specific sport related exercises in order to increase his performance and reduce risks of injuries. A fairly frequent and common injury in this...

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